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Military & Aviation Obsolete Components

Experts in Military & Aviation Obsolete Components

Servo Connectors are experts in obsolete, hard to find component parts from Military and Aviation applications. Since 1953, we have been supplying customers worldwide with our extensive warehouse of components including: Semiconductors, Synchros, Servo motors, Connectors and Gauges. 
We are a leading electronic component parts distributor with a spacious warehouse on site with our non-traceable components, allowing us to offer short lead times. 
Servo Connectors has over 100,000 parts in stock to ship including hard to find, military and aerospace surplus parts.  

Why are we experts?

Electronic components are one of our specialities, see how we can help you:
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100,000+ Parts in Stock
Use our part search to find your part 
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Years in Experience
We have over 40 years experience in electrical components 
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Hard to find parts..
.. Are our speciality, we offer parts that are discontinued, hard to find and obsolete. 
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 Use our Part Search
All of our parts are listed on there! 
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Short lead times
We have a large warehouse on site so we can get your part to you in no time! 

 Can't find your part?

Get in touch with us and we will advise if we have it in stock.  
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