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Full Description

8D011F04PN Jam Nut Receptacle, Shell Size 11 with Nickel Plating, 4#20 Pin Contacts.

The 8D circular connector series conforms to MIL-C-38999 Series III, EN3645, BACC63CT/CU & BACC63DB/DC. Includes five finishes, and shell materials with 100% scoop proof design. The 8D series by Eaton Souriau is a harsh environmental connector suited for military, industrial or aerospace applications.

Servo and Electronic Sales are a VAD (Value Added Distributor) for Souriau Eaton D38999 / MIL-DTL-38999 Series III Connectors.

Contacts – Crimp
Contact Gender – Pin
IP Rating – IP67
Shell Material – Aluminum with Nickel Plating
Insert Arrangement – 11 – 22