MS27508E18B35P, Square Flange Receptacle (rear mount without accessory threads) with 66#22D Pin Contacts, Shell Size 18, Olive Drab Cadmium Plating.

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Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd supply ‘Non-Traceable’ (also known as Non Lot Traceability on our paperwork) components, the following statement applies. ‘Non-Traceable’ stock by definition cannot be traced back to the original manufacturer and does not come with any paperwork or other record, electronic or otherwise, of when and how the part was made or inspected after manufacture. For this reason, any ‘non-traceable’ parts are supplied as Product Class B Non Lot Traceability on our certificates of conformity. It is therefore not recommended that ‘non-traceable’ stock is used on aircraft or other potentially hazardous applications where traceability is normally required. For this reason, any ‘Non-Traceable’ items sold by Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd is supplied on the basis that traceability cannot be given and no liability can be accepted by incorrect use of such parts.

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