Our History

Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd, T/a Servo Connectors, is a renowned family-run business that has been operating since 1953. Founded by Arthur Egan, the company initially focused on Servo motors, synchros, and tacho generators. Over the years, Servo Connectors has evolved from a local shop in Orpington to become one of the leading UK distributors of connectors and accessories, serving customers worldwide.

Under the leadership of the second and third generation of the Egan family, Servo Connectors has built a strong reputation based on its passion, expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction. The company has forged enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with both suppliers and customers, which have contributed significantly to its continued success. Servo Connectors, now based in Lydd, represents some of the industry’s most prominent connector manufacturers. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, ability to provide short lead times, and flexibility in meeting the specific needs of clients. The dedicated staff at Servo Connectors are focused on finding the ideal connector solutions for each customer, ensuring that their requirements are met efficiently and effectively. With a rich history and a strong focus on providing exceptional service, Servo Connectors is well-positioned to continue as a leading distributor in the connector industry. The company’s family values, combined with technical expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and high-quality connector solutions.

Orpington Shop

Servo & Electronic Sales, Orpington

You require, TRUST

Founded in 1953, Servo Connectors was founded by Arthur Egan who saw a gap in the electronics market. Starting by selling servo motors, Servo Connectors is now a leading distributor of circular and rectangular connectors and accessories. Servo Connectors remains family-owned with the same traditions of innovation, integrity, and excellence to its customers.

You require, INNOVATION

At Servo Connectors, we are always looking for new and better ways to support our customer’s demands and requirements. Our technical department has over 30 years of combined connector knowledge which allows us to support our customer’s requirements, supported by our various product lines designed to meet every application. We offer 24 /48 hr build on popular product lines to meet quick turnaround.

You require, INTEGRITY

We pride ourselves on the level of care and respect that every colleague takes in their role. trust, consistency, and compassion are the driving force of our business.

98% customer satisfaction

98% of customers likely to re-purchase

98% of customers are satisfied with our product range

Company History

1953 – Established in Orpington by Arthur Egan, as a distributor of electrical connectors, servo motors, synchros and tacho generators.

1970 – Built a 15,000 sq ft premise in Lydd, Kent

1975 – Moved company headquarters to Lydd and signed exclusive SANWA distributor agreement for the supply of panel meters, indicators and battery holders.

1985 – Signed DDK distributor agreement for the supply of circular and rectangular connectors

1992 – Signed Deutsch distributor agreement for the supply of military circular, transportation and autosport connectors

1993 – Achieved single supplier status on leading autosport, machine tool and road transport projects

1997 – Signed exclusive Commital distributor agreement for the supply of military and railway circular connectors

1997 – Achieved ISO 9002 accreditation

1999 – Established Commital IT Series (MIL-C-5015) Connector assembly line

2001 – Signed exclusive Yeonhab distributor agreement

2002 – Signed Intercontec distribution agreement for the supply of signal and power connectors for industrial applications

2003 – 50 Years of trading

2005 – Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd Autosport division becomes a separate company

2005 – Acquired 40,000 sq.ft of new premises in Lydd and built new 5,000 sq.ft office complex

2007 – Servo becomes a franchised distributor for Souriau Industrial products

2007 – Servo becomes a franchised distributor for Conesys Europe

2008 – Servo becomes a franchised distributor for Souriau Mil/Aero products

2008 – Servo becomes QPL approved to assemble Souriau MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors

2009 – Servo splits into two divisions: Servo Connectors (Franchised, full traceable products) and 1st Legacy (Hard-to-find, obsolete products)

2013 – 60 Years of trading

2014 – Servo distributes Amerline and Detronics

2016 – Servo distributes KEC backshells

2017 – Servo awarded ISO 9001:2015 accreditation

2022 – Mark Greenwood and Abby Carter join the board of directors

2023 – 70 Years of trading

2023 – Servo & Electronic Sales non-traceable division becomes a separate company

2023 – Announces a new logo and strategic focus