Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd Quality Policy:

Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd considers the quality aspects of our business to be of prime importance, not only by providing a quality service and lasting customer satisfaction, but to continually improve all aspects of our business.

To enable the Company to provide a service that meets our customer needs, the management is committed to the personal development of all staff, to enable them to be
assertive, reliable, professional and competent in all aspects of their job. Management practices and employee work will, without exception promote the “On time, high quality
service” to the customer at a competitive price.

The Company is committed to a policy of continuous improvement in our quality of service and improvement processes, which sets targets for all areas of the Company
which are monitored monthly to ensure that total customer satisfaction is achieved. These objectives and targets are reviewed periodically and updated and during
management review meetings where required. The Company has invested in the latest technology that allows prompt attention to customer enquiries, whether a quotation,
technical enquiry or delivery status of an order.

The maintaining of a Quality Management System, that has been externally assessed and approved by a UKAS accredited certification body for over 20 years, enhances this
technology. A planned Quality Management System (QMS) is in operation to ensure that service levels conform to customer’s order requirements and the goals and objectives of the organisation. The Company also ensures that the services provided, meet the requirements of the industry and all statutory and legislative conditions as well as any
other applicable requirements.

Company provides a communication process where all staff are informed of the status and performance of the Company, including any changes to Quality Policy, procedures
and improvement targets and the Companies strategy in meeting them. The Quality Management System detailed in the Quality Policy Manual and Procedures are the normal basis of working and will be applied to all work.

To achieve and maintain the desired quality, the Company requires the commitment and participation of all staff, including senior management.

Everyone in the Company must seek at all times to:

  1. Take responsibility for achieving and sustaining the quality of their work, so as to continually improve our service and meet the customer stated or implied needs
  2. Eliminate and prevent any reoccurrence of all defects and customer complaints throughout the organization.
  3. Ensure all work-undertaken meets Company, customer, statutory and legislative requirements, including Health, Safety and Environmental requirements.
  4. Improve the organizational goals of profitability and the quality of the Company’s services.


This Quality Policy is reviewed at least annually and posted throughout the company.