Industrial Connectors & Accessories


We have a wide variety of electrical circular and rectangular connectors to backshells and accessories suited for industrial applications including instrumentation & measurement, machinery and robotics, mining and off-road vehicles.

Industrial electrical connectors and accessories designed for industrial applications are driven by design flexibility and agility, including:

  • Latest Industrial Innovations
  • Robust and versatile series designed to meet industry standard
  • Resistance to UV exposure and water

Servo & Electronic Sales feature a wide range of manufacturers designed for industrial applications including:

Our Industrial Partners

Why Choose Us

Servo & Electronic Sales Ltd is a leading value added distributor (VAD)* based in the UK, with over 60 years of experience in the connector industry. Servo Connectors encompasses a wide product catalog with products to meet a wide range of specialist industries.

Our experience and product knowledge is not the only reason that customers choose us, our staff pride themselves on the technical expertise, passion and personalised support for each of our customers, no matter how big or small the quantity.

We provide next-day delivery for our in-stock items, or can provide alternative stock from our non-traceable department. We are an ISO 9001 certified distribution business, with our main focus on the customer and finding the right solution for you.

To find out how Servo & Electronic Sales can assist you, contact us below using our contact form or alternatively give us a call on (+44) 01797 322500 to arrange a quotation.

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*VAD on selected Eaton Products and Fujikura D/MS Series.