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1505109S03, UNI EMC Cable Gland / UNI HF Dicht, Brass, nickel plated, Pg 9 connection thread, IP 68 up to 10 bar

Full Description

The 1505109S03 UNI HF Dicht is a compact EMC cable gland that is perfect for use in cramped environments where space is restricted. Designed with an internal IRIS spring, this cable gland is guaranteed to provide a low-resistance connection, thanks to the 360° contact between the IRIS spring and the cable shield. Based on the UNI Dicht series, this modular cable gland system can be used to reliably bond even small cables with a large connection thread. The sealing insert works by pressing onto two cones when the pressure screw is tightened, with the annular spiral spring (UNI IRIS spring) located in between. This spiral spring tapers as a result and is pressed against the stripped cable shield, ensuring that the shield is bonded all around its circumference (360°). This creates a low-resistance and low-impedance connection between the shield, the UNI IRIS spring, and the gland body. Designed to be simple and efficient, the UNI HF Dicht is easy to install with assembly instructions provided in the technical appendix. If you’re working in an electromagnetic environment and require an exceptionally compact and reliable cable gland solution, the UNI HF Dicht is the perfect choice.