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154EZ2117, UNI Interference Suppression Dicht, Pg 21, Brass Nickel Plated, with increased strain relief, Type of Protection as per EN 60 529 IP54, TPE insert

Full Description

154EZ2117 PFLITSCH UNI Interference Suppression Dicht from PFLITSCH – the perfect solution for achieving excellent screening attenuation values without a high cost. With its focus on the essentials, this cable gland delivers reliable EMC protection at a fraction of the cost of other similar products on the market. The UNI Interference Suppression Dicht is not only affordable but also impressively compact and ideal for use in the robotics and automation industries. Thanks to its small outer dimensions, this cable gland is perfect for use in tight spaces where larger cable glands would prove impractical. Developed based on the popular UNI Dicht series, the UNI Interference Suppression Dicht allows for seamless compatibility with a complete modular system, ensuring that even small cables can be reliably bonded. Additionally, this cable gland offers a range of options including standard strain relief and increased strain relief with the use of a polyamide reinforcement ring, providing further peace of mind. When the pressure screw is tightened, the sealing insert presses the braided shield onto the cone of the earthing insert. The 360° bonded braided shield ensures a low-resistance and low-impedance connection between the shield, the earthing insert and the gland body, making this cable gland one of the most reliable options on the market.