Company Update 2023

What’s new with Servo Connectors?

Servo Connectors has been busy behind the scenes in 2023, with exciting developments such as a new website, new staff members, and an upcoming celebration of our 70th birthday.

New Company Website

Our website now offers LIVE stock figures, allowing customers to easily access up-to-date quantities of ready-to-assemble D38999 series III/D38999 series I connectors and on-the-shelf items that are ready to ship. Additionally, there is a dedicated section for products that can no longer be sourced, such as UTGS connectors and UTG dust caps under the old Souriau part numbers.

Excess Stock List
030-1953-002D Series Contact (Socket)1768NS
10-101393-163Bendix Backshell15NS
10-101949-008Gasket for #8 Shell120NS
10-101949-10Gasket for #10 Shell228NS
10-101949-12Mounting Flange Gasket1858NS
10-101949-14Gasket for #14526NS
100P1240-28-4-J-LC4-03Receptacle Protection Cap #2829NS
100P160-09-1-B-WR5-03Receptacle Protection Cap #0910NS
100P160-11-1-ZB-R3-03Receptacle Protection Cap #11708NS
100P160-13-1-ZB-R3-03Receptacle Protection Cap #13929NS
100P237-09-1-B-WR5-03Plug Protection Cap #096NS
100P237-09-1-ZB-LC6Receptacle Protection Cap #0916NS
100P237-11-1-B-WR6-03Plug Protection Cap #1114NS
100P237-13-1-B-WR5-13Plug Protection Cap #1349NS
100P237-13-1-BLC6-01Plug Protection Cap #135NS
100P237-21-1-B-WR5-01Plug Protection Cap #212NS
100P2467-16-PG16-1-ZB-L40Adaptor Fixed23NS
100P2927-1-ZKMIL-DTL-26482 Adaptor151NS
100P3113-20-08-1-UUnplated Backnut, Polamco20NS
100P757-13-1-ZK-R4-17Receptacle Protection Cap #135NS
100P820S-20-1-ZB-WR4-03Receptacle Protection Cap #2012NS
100P820S-22-4-J-WR4-03Receptacle Protection Cap #2227NS
100P820S-28-4-J-WR4-03Receptacle Protection Cap #282NS
232D-04S1A-DA5D1(02)4 way Inline Two Piece Connector950NS
3002011004Grommet Follower132NS
600-057-1Precoiled micro clamp band10NS
600300-12Filler Plug #1228NS
6020-22-55S COND BWall Mount Receptacle, 55#20 Socket53NS
6026-16-26SY COND BCable Mounting Plug 26#16 Socket1NS
6026-22-41S COND BCable Mounting Plug 41#ss Socket1NS
602GB-205-10Size 10 BUSHING82NS
801-010-02M6-7SASquare Flange Crimp Receptacle #63NS
801-010-02M6-7SBSquare Flange Crimp Receptacle #71NS
85917195910Male insulator layout 11-0120NS
936-0812-753D38999 Series III Receptacle Cover Gasket Size 119NS
936-0938-753D38999 Series III Receptacle Cover Gasket Size 1327NS
936-1060-753D38999 Series III Receptacle Cover Gasket Size 1527NS
936-1188-753D38999 Series III Receptacle Cover Gasket Size 1724NS
936-1312-753D38999 Series III Receptacle Cover Gasket Size 1926NS
D-3420-12DDK MIL C 5015 Rubber Bushing8NS
D-3420-16DDK MIL C 5015 Rubber Bushing100NS
D-3420-6DDK MIL C 5015 Rubber Bushing11NS
EV02H-01PNWall mounting Receptacle, Electric Vehicle1NS
EV06H-01SNStraight Plug1NS
IT3057-8AF7Cable Clamp, No Bushing, Shell Size 141NS
IT4100A28-21PWall Mount Receptacle, Crimp Contacts, Class A, 28 – 211NS
J599EIE1008A10Male insulator layout 21-593NS
J599EIE1009A10Female insulator layout 21-5925NS
J599EIE1010A10Male insulator layout 11-81 Quadrax13NS
J599EIE1012A10Male insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax10NS
J599EIE1013A10Female insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax3NS
J599EIE1014A10Male insulator layout 21-84 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1015A10Female insulator layout 21-84 Quadrax18NS
J599EIE1016A10Male insulator layout 25 – 88 Quadrax24NS
J599EIE1017A10Female insulator layout 25 – 88 Quadrax3NS
J599EIE1034A10Female insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1035A10Male insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax27NS
J599EIE1036A10Male insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1037A10Female insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1038A10Male insulator layout 11-81 Quadrax20NS
J599EIE1039A10Female insulator layout 21-84 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1040A10Female insulator layout 25 – 88 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1041A10Male insulator layout 17-81 Quadrax48NS
J599EIE1049A10Female insulator layout 17-81 Quadrax148NS
J599EIE1050A10Male insulator layout 25-82 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1051A10Female insulator layout 25 – 82 Quadrax24NS
J599EIE1053A10Male insulator layout 25-86 Quadrax23NS
J599EIE1064A10Male insulator layout 25-80 Quadrax150NS
J599EIE1065A10Male insulator layout 25-80 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1066A10Male insulator layout 17-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1067A10Female insulator layout 17-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1068A10Male insulator layout 25-82 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1069A10Female insulator layout 25-82 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1070A10Female insulator layout 25-86 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1071A10Female insulator layout 25-86 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1072A10Male insulator layout 25-80 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1073A10Female insulator layout 25-80 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1074A10Male insulator layout 25-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1075A10Male insulator layout 25-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1076A10Male insulator layout 25-81 Quadrax50NS
J599EIE1077A10Male insulator layout 25-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE1189A10Male insulator layout 21-4216NS
J599EIE1191A10Female insulator layout 21-4225NS
J599EIE9064A10Male insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax16NS
J599EIE9163A10Female insulator layout 11-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE9164A10Female insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax23NS
J599EIE9165A10Female insulator layout 21-84 Quadrax19NS
J599EIE9263A10Male insulator layout 21-84 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE9264A10Male insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE9363A10Male insulator layout 11-81 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE9364A10Male insulator layout 17-82 Quadrax25NS
J599EIE9365A10Female insulator layout 21-84 Quadrax19NS
JI3102R20-33S-SSMILC5015 Stainless Steel Threaded Square flange receptacle12NS
L17-1588-06Amphenol D-Sub Backshells Plastic Hood 15P.722NS
L17-1589-06Amphenol D-Sub Backshell Plastic Hood Shell Size 3 (B)1088NS
M24308/4-2FD Series Connector3NS
M83723/75R18-316M83723 Series III, Straight Plug, Size #18 with 31 Contacts1NS
MS3116F14-19PStraight Plug, Green Zinc, Shell Size #14 with 19#20 Pin Contacts1NS
MS3116F14-19SYStraight Plug, Green Zinc, Shell Size #14 with 19#20 Socket Contacts, Y Orientation.4NS
MS3126F20-41SYMILC26482 Plug with 20-41 insert arrangement2NS
MS3459LS10SL-4SStraight Plug with self-locking coupling nut, Shell Size 10SL with 4 Socket Contacts15NS
MS3470L14-5PWall mounting square flange Receptacle 5#161NS
MS3476L10-6PStraight plug, 6#20, Pin1NS
PA1441Paladin Crimp Tool for size 16 machined contacts2NS
SCA18PG13.5ENL31Stainless Steel Screened Cable Adaptor for Bayonet Connector VG95234240NS
SCAEFCD612PG9CL25Screened Cable Adaptor for Miniature Bayonet Coupling Connector to Mil-C 26482 #128NS
SCAEFCD614PG11CL25Screened Cable Adaptor for Miniature Bayonet Coupling Connector to Mil-C 26482 #1440NS
SCAEFCD616PG21CL30Screened Cable Adaptor for Miniature Bayonet Coupling Connector to Mil-C 26482 #1650NS
SCAEFCD620PG16CL30Screened Cable Adaptor for Miniature Bayonet Coupling Connector to Mil-C 26482 #2047NS
SCAEFCL612SPG9CL25Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-5015 #1217NS
SCAEFCL6131618UNEFPG16CL35Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-5015 #1388NS
SCAEFCL61716PG21CL40Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-5015 #1760NS
SCAEFCL61716PG29CL40Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-501585NS
SCAEFCL622PG13.5CL35Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-5015 #2234NS
SCAEFCL622PG16CL35Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-50152NS
SCAEFCL624PG29CL40Screened Cable Adaptor for Threaded Connector Mil-C-5015 #2465NS
SCAEFCQ620PG214JL50#20 Stainless Steel Screened Cable Adaptor for Bayonet Connector VG95234155NS
SCAEFCQ622PG214JL35#22 Stainless Steel Screened Cable Adaptor for Bayonet Connector VG952348NS
SCAEFCQ628PG214JL50#28 Stainless Steel Screened Cable Adaptor for Bayonet Connector VG95234.42NS
SCAEFCQ628PG364JL50#28 Stainless Steel Screened Cable Adaptor for Bayonet Connector VG9523474NS
SL105Stop Bushing for a M10S1 Crimp Tool1NS
SN793-14-1Fixing Plate110NS
SN793-16-1Fixing Plate109NS
UTG20DCGMetal Environmental Dustcap for Receptacle Shell Size 2034NS
UTG24DCGMetal Environmental Dustcap for Receptacle Shell Size 2440NS
UTGS6128PNCable Plug, Shell Size 12 with 8 Pin Contacts, Nickel Plated4461NS

Welcome to our six new staff members

Servo has also welcomed six new staff members, including an assembly supervisor, assembly operators, and a sales coordinator. These new additions will help the company continue to grow and offer exceptional service to its customers.

  • Assembly Supervisor – Hannah
  • Assembly Operators – Sarah & Jane
  • Assembly and Dispatch Team – Ben & Andy
  • Sales Co-ordinator – Sam

Celebrating 70 years trading

Servo Connectors is gearing up to celebrate its 70th birthday later this year. The company has a rich history, and this milestone presents an opportunity to reflect on its journey so far.


Servo & Electronic Sales, Orpington 1965


Servo & Electronic Sales, Lydd 2023

Servo Connectors is dedicated to offering outstanding service and sourcing a wide variety of items, in addition to the value-added distribution of MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and Series I Connectors. If you need a quote for any of their products or services, do not hesitate to contact them via email or phone.

We look forward to seeing what else Servo Connectors has in store as it continues to go from strength to strength in 2023.