D/MS A/B series connectors by DDK Fujikura. Designed for use in Aerospace, Machine Tool, Measurement Equipment, Communication Equipment, and other industrial environments, these connectors feature soldering termination, making them compatible with MIL-DTL-5015 specifications. Available in a variety of plugs, receptacles, and accessories, they can be used for cable-to-cable or cable-to-panel applications. The D/MS A/B series accommodates a wide range of applications, with 12 shell sizes, 5 contact sizes, and 73 insert arrangements that feature blue removable inserts. The barriers between each contact improve the dielectric withstanding voltage characteristic, while the shells have keyways for orientation and come in four alternate insert positions to prevent cross-plugging. The solder cups face one direction for easy cable soldering, and the connectors have zinc plating with black trivalent chromate treatment to comply with RoHS directives.

If you need a waterproof circular plug connector that is intermateable with D/MS series and CE02-2A series, the D/MS(D190) series is a great option. It is suitable for use in industrial equipment, such as servo motors, that require moisture-proof or waterproof connectivity.

Looking for a reliable connector that can withstand harsh environmental conditions, such as moisture, oil, and vibration? The Fujikura DDK CE02-2A Series connector is a great option. It is intermateable with D/MS series and offers a mounting pattern that makes switching connectors easy. The three-piece insert design ensures the contact stays in place during normal operating conditions. The front insert can withstand temperatures up to 125°C. When mating with plug connectors such as CE02-6A, D/MS(D190), or CE05 series, the CE02-2A Series conforms to the Class IP67 protection standard.

The CE02-6A series plug connector is a waterproof option that conforms to JIS-B-6015 and MIL-DTL-5015 standards. It is intermateable with D/MS series connectors and is ideal for use in factories, tool machines, and other electrical equipment that operate in harsh environments. It connects first before the other contacts and unmated last on separation. Additionally, it offers class IP67 protection against moisture and oil with its waterproof backshells and cable clamps.

The Fujikura DDK CE05 series connectors were developed to comply with European safety standards and offer full compatibility with MIL-C-5015, D/MS, and CE02 series connectors. Featuring a premating ground contact and class IP67 protection, they provide reliable protection against water, oil, and dust.

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