KEC PDF Datasheets

The KC1100 series is an affordable solution for both small batches and high-volume production runs, with no special assembly tools required. Its compact size allows it to be installed even in confined spaces, and it features alternative shell and cable entry sizes for the best fit and maximum strain relief. An integral O-ring provides environmental sealing for connector connection, while secure heat shrink boot sealing is ensured with an integral groove and knurling. With no screen termination required, the KC1100 series is suitable for all defence and aerospace, commercial, and industrial applications.

If you need high levels of EMC screening and environmental sealing, the KC2100 and KC2200 series EMC Circular Backshells are great options. The KC2100 series provides overall screening through proven IRIS spring technology, while the KC2200 backshell features braid trap nut termination for overall and individual wire screening. Both are lightweight and compact, suitable for all standard circular connectors, and easily reworked without any special tools. Teeth on the backshell body mesh with connector teeth for a positive lock.

Meanwhile, the KC2300 series features iris spring termination for overall and individual wire screening, and is ideal for fibre and mixed fibre and copper cable assemblies needing EMC screening and protection for the fibre. Like its counterparts, it offers high levels of EMC screening, overall screening, individual screening, and optional environmental sealing.  Available in various termination options, these lightweight and compact backshells are suitable for all standard circular connectors.

The KC2300 Series features the proven iris spring technology for overall screening, along with slotted tube and braid kit for individual screening. This is the ideal solution for fibre and mixed fibre and copper cable assemblies, providing both EMC screening and protection for the fibre.

The KC2400 Series, on the other hand, comes with braid trap nut termination for overall wire screening, making it an excellent option for high levels of EMC and environmental performance.

For multiple termination devices, the KC2500 Series offers a flexible and customizable solution with its band strap system and metal compression ring for enhanced environmental sealing with the connector.

The KC2600 Series provides individual wire screening with interwoven braid and slotted body, allowing customers to continue using their preferred termination method with the ‘NS’ option.

The KC2700 and KC2800 Series offer a reworkable band clamp termination option for overall and individual wire screening, respectively. With no special tools required, these backshells are easily assembled and reworked for your convenience.

The KCS2800 series of universal EMC backshells, a cost-effective and versatile option for standard circular connectors. With common sizes available ex-stock and the ability to accommodate a variety of cable sizes in one backshell, this lightweight and compact solution provides high levels of EMC performance with both overall and individual screening.

The backshell body teeth mesh with connector teeth for a positive lock, while blind teeth offer increased EMC screening capability. Quick assembly with no special tooling and totally reworkable assembly make this a convenient choice for a variety of defense, aerospace, rail, commercial, and industrial applications.

The unique KEC slot and braid system enables each backshell to accommodate a wide range of different cable sizes, providing cost-effective 360-degree EMC screening. And for additional environmental sealing or angled cable entry, simply add a heatshrink boot.

The KCS2800 series is the perfect choice for those seeking a universal, ex-stock solution at an affordable price point. And for more complex design requirements, the KC2000 range offers eight individual backshell products with a solution for every type of EMC and environmental application.

No matter which series you choose, the KC backshells guarantee a positive lock with the connector teeth and an environmental seal that is equal to or higher than the IP rating of the connector, thanks to the additional environmental sealing of the cable system by heat shrink boot. Choose the KC series for optimal EMC performance and protection for your cable assemblies.